Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Deal

Here it is. Short and Sweet. Read it, take it to heart, learn it and live it. This following statements describe in simple verbage what every life is about and how every individual should approach life each and every day.

First, life isn't fair. Life owes no one a thing. Accept that fact and everything suddenly becomes more tolerable.

Secondly, life is short. The average life span for a man is 75 and for a woman it is 80. Blink and it's over. Poof. My point is this - don't allow fear to keep you from pursuing your dreams. Key word, YOUR dreams.

Building on the second point, don't sacrifice your life and dreams for anyone. I'm not advocating selfishness and callousness, I'm simply saying that you have a life and a purpose of your own. Living for someone else will smother that purpose. Live with others, love others and be as giving and loving as you are capable of being, but don't compromise your own life, you'll eventually regret doing so.

Get angry and use the anger to your advantage. Put another way, don't cave to societies views of what is considered proper, right or wrong. You have a brain and emotions and beliefs. Use 'em and listen to 'em. If others shun you and throw you to the curb because of that then so be it. Move on and be true to yourself.

Never, ever take family for granted. Never, ever judge family or shun family because they have maybe not lived up to your expecgtations somehow. Big mistake. See point one above.

Appreciate and nurture your imperfections. Those traits are what make you unique.

Oh yeah, what is life about? Aside from 75-80 years long it is about being an individual, recognizing your strengths and then using them. The challenge with that is in finding those strengths that you can use in this life to somehow benefit others while also being content and happy with yourself. This might take half a lifetime, even longer, but no true joy will come from life until those two things are mated. When they are, life moves left into the carpool lane and the ride is much, much less frustrating and congested.

See? Short and sweet, like me. Wait! nearly forgot to mention one very important thing ... Muh bebe. Quite often the love given from someone else opens your eyes to love for yourself.

Ok, still short and sweet. Gunga la Gunga.