Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here's a Judgemental Message


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Wrong is english for dumbass.

Dumbass. Dumbass. Dumbass.

The most common name for people born daily, worldwide, from today forward and from this day immemorial is 'Wrong' or ... 'Dumbass'

We ared all alike. We are all a dumbass. Has there ever been a day in which you've endured the inanity of a person in traffic or at the supermarket or at work or anywhere else for that matter and uttered 'dumbass' towards another? Or has there ever been a moment in which you've realized your own humanity during a moment of fart-headedness and either acknowledged your own stupidity or had another whisper, 'you're a dumbass' due to your words or actions?

Sure you have. You're a dumbass. You're an idiot. Face it, you're human, like me, like your neighbor, like Sarah Palin, like your dog. You're a fallible, incompetent, dumbass incapable of judgement of another dumbass with similar or even superior faults.

So, what's your problem? Really, what is your problem with other people and their stupidity?
Is another's stupidity really any worse than your own?

Who is to say that my belief that an ant can carry a rubber tree plant on its back is better than your belief that an ant can only carry a twig ten times its own weight on its back? Have you evern been an ant?

Who's the dumbass?

Who's to say that gravity is based upon the gravitational pull of the planets and the orbit of the earth in relation to its proximity to the sun as opposed to an invisible being holding it's finger to our back as a means to our floating into space where we explode and die is true and right?

Who's the dumbass?

Honestly though, it's much mor simple than that.

You see, we are all dumbasses. You, me, your neighbor, everyone.

No one has the answers, despite how certain we are that we do hold the answers. We are all dumbasses.

I relish being a dumbass. I don't want to know all the answsers. I'd rather be human and be judgemental of those who claim to know all of the answers.

Why? Because those who claim to know all of the answers are those who are fartherest from the answers they claim to know. And being judgemental of those who claim to know the answers makes me closer to the truth.

Ironic? Yes. But, being in judgement of those who claim ultimate truth is a testament to one who is closer to knowledge of right and wrong than one who is without judgement at all.

Judge lest not ye be judged.

Nowhere does it say not to judge.