Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are you stupid? If so, don't read.

It was a long day for the Lord. Wine doesn't just make itself. There are grapes and vines and stomping involved.

Yet, Jesus loved his wine. By God, he had it in mind his last meal. Nothing goes better with bread than a nice dry red paired with a sacrificing of oneself.

And the Lord spoketh and said,

"hey, yo, you thee, I don't even speak anything other than old-school roman and maybe  a bit of Latin,... ergo, what the fuck you talkin; 'bout?'

... And  those seeking knowledge responded ... ' huh?'

And the wise one stumbled upon his thoughts before realizing that 'huh? was an answer that spoke to the masses.

The Lord,some God, spoke unto the ones seeking guidance and said ... "Go home, you will make a fool of yourself  as those before you have done..."... "Ye are a dumbass worthy of notice yet capable pf knowledge ..."

And, I could only comprehend this message as one of, 'This is bullshit', I haven't learned nothing in my long life" ...

Simply put, I'm not simply put.

Decipher me and my mind.

So, Jesus left the masses with no clear direction yet all those around him somehow knew what he wanted them to do and how he wanted them to react.

................................................ Fast forward two thousnd years, give or take a decade.

Think for a momnet.

Think a bit more.


Welcome to self-awareness.

Slow down and think for a moment .... you are more than what your mirror shows....

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