Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why to Unfriend a Facebook Friend

Those who know me won't understand this posting. Those who don't know me will cheer my resolve. Personally, I'm a bit proud and disappointed in myself for a simple act I committed today. Okay, yeah, sure, the act was committed on a social networking site, but it doesn't make me any less culpable for those actions.

Today was Superbowl Sunday. A day steeped in tradition of overeating, ravenous consumption of alcohol and bragging rights for an entire area of the country. Sure, it means nothing to those unitiitiated in the football religion or those who'd rather be catered to by their man, or woman, as opposed to ignored for three hours. But a tradition, nonetheless. As much revered as Easter, Election day or the start of NASCAR season by not  the few, but the many, the proud, the majority overweight.

But I digress a bit. You see, I did something today that has nothing to do with the ones I just described yet everything  to do with them at the same time. I 'Unfriended' a Facebook friend over her simple comment describing football fans.
Knowing me, you should have a bit of an idea that it takes a hell of a lot to offend me. Nothing embarrasses me, few things hurt my feelings but hate for others chaps my ass. And the words of this so-called 'grantor of all things human' made the simple comment on her wall, "Fuck all of you football fags."

How many hate labels can you attach to such a statement? Not only is her statement filled with hate, it goes blatantly against her ideology that, although there is no god, we are all equal, and just, and have the rights to pursue whatever interetsts we desire. You see, this friend, no, ex-friend, is an atheist. Although a bad example of an atheist.

I'm a football fan. Maybe you are too. Maybe your dad, or uncle or sister is a football fan. Maybe they also have a disdain for religioin and the idea of an all-knowing being who does  the Tebow when the Broncos score. I  don't know.

All I know is that, against my better judgement, or not, I excluded someone from my circle of friends simply for the blatant hate she exhhibited. I tolerate most anything, but hate towards others isn't one of those things. I wish her luck in her next season of football. Hopefully, women's golf will not become too overpopular and midget bowling will flourish.... just to satisfy her need for suffering and jest.

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