Sunday, July 8, 2012

And, so it is written, so let it be done. Please.

"...... and the Lord saieth, "Lord? Lord? C'mon, this is 2012. Lord? In what century are you living?"

"But," the masses responded, "this is what you are called in our book.... you are called 'Lord'... so therefore, we call you 'Lord', because, after all, you wrote that book."

"Uh, nah..." saieth the one formerly referred to as 'Lord'..."I didn't write that book. Some guys bent on controlling your emotions and ...well, your wallets, they wrote that book.Good intentions and all that... But, hell ,whoops, bad word, sorry, well, you know what they say about good intentions."

"Hold on, just a sec .... " the people responded. "If this is true, then how are we to know that everything we hear isn't true? You mean to imply that Liberty Mutual isn;t really that concerned about our family and the family finances after we pass on in4to the kingdom of Heaven?"

"Did I mention anything about the 'Kingdom of Heaven'", saieth the One formerly known as the 'Lord'.

"Well, no... not really... but, well, I figured that Liberty Mutual really does have a vested interest in my family's well-being after I die. Are you saying that isn't the case?"

"No, no... not at all," saieth the OFKATL (acronyms, people). "What I'm saying is that 'Lord' is an archaic term used to describe a man of leadership... which also implies that you, my friends, are serfs, servants, followers.... incapable of choosing for yourselves what you do, think and believe. What type of 'Lord' or, lets lay this down... ''Son of God', the creator of everything, the one who is expressed as having made you in 'His' image, would want you to be any less of a being than 'He' is by being subservient and referring to him as 'Lord'? Really... you humans... so searching for something that has always been within you..."

"Hmmmmm..... you're freaking me out, Looo.... I mean, ...uhhh....what shou;d I call you?"

"Call me 'You' ... There isn't a 'Lord'. There isn't one to whom you must bow...  geez... those days have passed. That damned book and it's wording. It's tough enough to understand lyrics in todays music... how can you expect to comprehend the wording of a book written by men hundreds of years ago? Men, who by the way, were bent on controlling everyone through fear by using verbage? My god...ooops, my bad... my goodness, It's as bad as the Arizona legislature's view of immigration. No better, no worse. Fear and Loathing in a book penned by a king. Sound familiar?"

"Brain fodder. But what about Liberty Mutual's claim of no-hassle burials and security for my family after I'm placed six feet under? Isn't that the same thing? Instilling fear through advertising?"

"Yes.... yes it is..." saith TOFKATL. (Acronyms, people.)

Amen and Holy Shit.

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  1. It's all Greek, or Latin as the case may be, to me! But, at least with Liberty Mutual one could alway pay a lawyer gobs of money ( again, money) to sort out the 'verbiage' for ya! Amen AND Holy Shit!