Saturday, July 2, 2011

America... Made of Nickels

I'm not an ungrateful person. I appreciate everything that I have, things that I lack and the wisdom to know the difference. I love my family, my woman, my dogs and my fully functioning 47-year old male anatomy.

I appreciate the fact that I can be full of shit and talk out of my ass with nary a squirt of dissention. I'm grateful that I've never been able to serve a minute in service of our country due to my being born with a single toxin-filtering kidney, yet, I appreciate those dual-filtered men and women who feel compelled to protect and serve this global space we call earth.

Yet ....

..... I'm beginning to not appreciate those who vowed to serve the people of this fine country... the country with a penis (Florida). C'mon, you can't disagree, Florida is shaped like a flaccid penis... appropriate given the median age of its male residents...

Just this week, Minnesota's government effectively said, "Fuck it! We're done!" and shut down. Why did they shut down?, you might ask. Well, because the partisans couldn't decide on a budget for the state.
For the uninitiated, "partisans" is greek for 'in-laws'. No one gets along, there is never an agreement and those second-removed and farther down the line of blood are screwed and have no input whatsoever.

No one ever thinks about the little, slow-witted nephew who needs a video game system replacement or the middle-aged woman with self-esteem issues who can't afford a labia-plumping surgery.

This is America, by God. This is the land that professes, "God Bless America," the rest of the world be damned. And, by God, America is not being blessed. Nope, America is reaping the spoils of it's own blessings by raping the very society which allowed America to prosper in the first place.

I'm not an economics genius but I can see the ramifications of a government's spending $3.7 TRILLION dollars on wars over the course of twelve years. Yeah, that's trillion, with a 'T'. What have we gotten from this un-godly expenditure? A few terrorists? A figurehead (bin Laden)? A wannabe dictator (Saddam)?

Nah, the enemy hasn't eluded us... the enemy is the loss of natural resources worth countless trillions...
Hear this... despite the enormous expenditures towards war and the "war or terrorism', the government is profiting, the rich are getting reicher and the people of America are being misled.

Beginning in January, 2012, the federal government (Caps omitted for sake of disrespect) will no longer offer extended unemployment benefits to Americans who have lost their jobs due to the dismal economy. An economy that has been created by the very partisan dissention that has caused a government shutdown in Minnesota.

The only reason that a federal government shutdown was averted earlier this year is due to the enormous amount of revenue that would be lost due to American citizen's reliance on national Parks, Tourism, Mail service and other money-making ventures.

Yeah, yeah.... this isn't my normal spiel.... but I am an anger-driven speculator. The shutdown of the Minnesota government due to parties being unable to agree on a budget is such a slap in the face to America that Minnesota's entire legislative branch should take a cue from Brett Favre and simply fade into oblivion.

Let's re-visit that $3.7 TRILLION dollar expenditure that our federal government has deemed necessary to protect the interest of the American people. Who feels safer? Show of hands? Bueller? Bueller?

Unless the governments of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Iran are withholding funds meant to be disseminated to me and the rest of the American public, I don't give two flying shits and a piece of driftwood about the 'wars' in those countries. The real 'war' is economic and we are losing. America is broke and on the verge of bankruptcy and those in 'the know' don't care.

Yeah, I'm a bit perturbed. I'm a bit miffed at being taken for a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl when I was promised an easy-going spin on the carousel.

You should be a bit crapped-out as well. Do you have a job? Do you know someone who is struggling to survive in this economy? Seems the only job with security is one within the U.S. military.

Unfortunately for me, a one-kidneyed 47-year old skewed-minded man with purpose and insight stands no chance.

Good luck... the ticker just topped $3.85 Trillion.

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