Friday, October 21, 2011

Bow Your Head and Letters Pay


A five-letter word that elicits a four-letter word that has led many to believe in a three-letter word that is two letters away from a one-letter word that we all can grasp as our own...

Yeah, it's a confusing sentiment.... right? Right? It's a five letter word that can change a mind or change a world. Right? Right?

Let's skip the four-letter word that has seemingly misled history and go to the three-letter word that has wrapped it's sloth-like fingers around every generation of bicuspid bi-peds since the last one of our ancestors creeped upon the shores of Miami eons ago...

G. o. d.

G. o. d. has usurped the letter 'I' for generations. Why? because 'I' is a singular letter based upon a singular organism without need of help of additional vowels and consonants. Without another vowel, an "I" is weak. For example, there is no "I" in 'team.' Therefore, no individual can stand before us as an 'I' and win. So, Fuck you, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Michael Phelps. Unless of course you look at your names collectively and notice that that there is a 'g' and 'o' and a 'd' hidden within your names. Then, of course, you are the godly trifecta.

Switching gears, nowhere in the Bible does it command one to be a friend, a buddy or a confidant. Go ahead, look it up. Sure, the big 'ol book of rules says to 'love one another', 'accept one another' and not steal another's sheep, but nowehere does it say that one has to endure the shit that anyone throws at you.

Except if you're a bartender.

Welcome to my world.

I'm the ears to the G.o.D in your L.i.f.e. That brings us waaaay back to the beginning... the one-letter word that started it all, 'I'.

I hear it all the time.... "I left my wife..." "I was cheated on..." "I'm away from home and need to let loose..."... I, I, I......

"I'm wondering if  I should..........."

"I've heard it all before........."

"I need to know if he/she is sincere...."

"I remember how it used to be....  "

The eyes tell me a story, the words tell me an opinion, the combination on both tell me the truth.

Yet, I'm the last one to be asked for advice. I'm a picture of misguidance. I pour advice in one-ounce increments and take my pay in tips.

G.o.D. comes after the hangover and before the questions. I'm simply a vessel.
Rocks or neat?

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