Sunday, December 30, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Friend.

Hello. My name is Peter. I''m short of stature and am graying at the edges. I have a friend, Richie, who is my opposite. Tall and robust, but completely bald.

Together, we make quite a pair. You remember that comic strip, 'Mutt and Jeff?' No? Then you're too young to be reading this blog. Or, you're not well-rounded. And don't we all want to be well-rounded?

You see, I've been trying to see eye to eye with Richie all of my life. He tells tall tales, I tell short stories. He elaborates with his smoothe talk and I stutter and stumble over the hairiest of details. Certainly, you have a friend with whom you have similar contrasts? No? Oh yeah.

I've been crazy, a bit nutty, as long as I can remember or my name isn't Peter. I've extended my love and acceptance to many in my short, yet full lifetime. Yet, it seems that I always fall short. I've banged my head on so many walls after failing to hit my goals that my helmet is dented and I have a black eye.

Yet Richie, he is always successful. Always reaching the mark and eliciting smiles no matter how trite the task or how little the effort. Sure, it's easy for him to stretch himself to the limits in order to garner those smiles. But, can he put himself aside for a few moments and allow words from the lips to attain the same results? I think not.

I remember once when I was strictly confined. My head was aching as a result and I was bursting to be set free from my prison. My two closest friends felt my pain and hatched a plan. That's what true friends do, they hatch plans. They dangle ideas in front of you, hoping someone will bite and follow your lead.
Nearby, Richie was also feeling confined. Yet Richie was never able to restrain himself so he broke free without reservation. Let's just say that the door swung open but Richie couldn't read the signs and entered a situation in which he'll always remember as one in which restraints no longer apply.

That's ok though. Richie is still doing well. He has a dark tan and has his own hair once again.

Me? I'll always be short and robust, but I'm secure with myself. My two closest friends never leave my side. They hang back a few steps on most days, occasionally jumping up to greet me after a hard day. I never go anywhere without them and check on their well-being daily. Meanwhile, I still need a helmet due to my over-eager mentality, but at least my flashlight works.

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