Sunday, August 11, 2013

Curious George Grows Up.. Part 1

George was a always curious sort. He liked to travel and meet people from faraway lands. This caused George to have many experiences both good and bad and as a result also allowed George to make many new friends in clinics, detention centers and hospitals around the world.

One day, when leaving a clinic in Bangkok after receiving a special injection for 'love prevention', George decided he would leave Thailand with his new friend, curiously named Georgette, whom he had met the night before, and head back to America, a faraway land he hadn't seen for years.

So, George traveled back to the hotel with Georgette, who strangely had lumps in places that George thought curious, although Georgette wasn't very put off by the fact that George was a simian, or monkey, for the layman amongst us.

Little did Georgette know that her...uh...his... uh... her.... the hat was a magnet. It had been many years for George.


George had been searching twenty seven years for the Man in the Yellow Hat. Ever since the rainy day in Belgium when two buxom women approached the Man in the Yellow Hat and dragged him into a building with a flashing neon sign. When the Man exited, the Yellow Hat was gone. And so was his whimsical smile. All that remained was a bug-eyed look of 'What have I been doing with a fuckin' monkey all these years?' and "Why am I in this stupid hat?'

After that, despite George's underarm scratches and chirping, jumping up and down and cheerful demeanor, The Man in the Yellow Hat who No longer wore a Yellow Hat simply walked away. George then watched as the Yellow Man stopped a rather lovely lady, spoke a few words to her, they walked into a bar and then he disappeared forever.


The plane touched down at LaGuardia without incident although for some reason the plane was put in a holding pattern for over an hour while officials cleared with US customs and Border Patrol as well as Homeland Security Officials the fact that there was a talking monkey on board with a transgendered female companion. Once it was determined that it was George, the beloved monkey from their youth, who had simply grown to appreciate sexual variety, they were allowed to land without further delay.

It was total chaos when George and Georgette deplaned. No one had seen George for so long. No longer was George the only curious one. A naked monkey with grey stubble sporting a beautiful Thai woman, though lumpy in places women usually aren't lumpy, tends to draw the eye away from the usual celebrity striding down the concourse. Justin Bieber went unnoticed even more so than usual this day.

Yet, in the corner, sat a man. A man in a faded yellow slicker, wearing a Fedora and flip flops.  Unshaven, bloodshot eyes, a smirk on his face and holding a book.

........ to be continued.........

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