Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fairy Tale for the Perceptual

There are times when sentiment takes precedence over logic, when logic takes precedence over heart and when sensibility takes precedence over instinct.

This is a time when none of that shit is coming to mind. Sentiment is weakness, logic is unnatural and sensibility is one half of the human equation and the one half that is usually jaded by the perceived sensibility of society.

That said, take a walk on the thin line of unperceived perception.

A man once walked in Hush Puppies shoes. *Squish Pfft, Squish Pfft*, he ambled along unaware of the musings of his insoles. Ankles, white-clad ankles draped in three-ply cotton thigh Hanes socks that Michael Jordan proclaimed as being the 'Sock of Champions.'

And so this man walked, stride after stride, confident in his knowledge that comfortable shoes and celebrity-endorsed socks would ensure success in anything he was to encounter. Jaywalking? no-brainer. Speed-shopping? A given. Hercules, Charles Atlas and Jack LaLanne be damned ... a mind empowered by comfortable footwear is a powerful tool capable of conquering nations and bringing peace to a world plagued with assholes suffering from angst due to wearing ill-fitting loafers and Johnston & Murphy laced shoes.

As the story goes, the man clad in Hush Puppies stepped upon a curb and reached to press the button to cross an intersection at the same moment as a man in up-and-coming Johnston & Murphy loafers. Yet, the man in loafers was wearing blue cotton socks with a black suit and black shoes. "Fashion faux pas," thought the man in Hush Puppies ... "no black socks?"

The light changed and both were allowed to cross the street ... one man offered the lead to the other due to perceived respect for another and the man that proceeded was summarily struck by a speeding taxi, killing him instantly.

Who died and who suffered from his decision?

Perception is a bitch, eh?

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