Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Will Make No Sense to Anyone But Myself

Questions .... always questions. Never answers. Answers only bring more questions. And the answers aren't answers at all, they only create more questions ...

What else? Why? No shit? Uhhh.. eh?

It doesn't matter what the subject matter might be ... a question remains.

It drives me crazy(er). What is wrong with you? What is wrong with me? Why don't you see the the big picture? Am I missing the big picture?

A mind in motion is questioning everything. It's maddening. I wonder how those who know me and love me endure me when I often shun the superficial, yet meaningful aspects of everyday life in the pursuit of answers to questions that have no relevance to no one but me yet to me hold significance to my own relevance.

Surrounded by a multitude of people and opinions it's as if there is a shield of superficial truth that separates every life's purpose.

Deep shit. 

As I sit and contemplate questions, I'm glancing to my left and gazing upon one who is asleep and content, snoring and grunting. No questions. I'm here and will always be here. There is no question, so she sleeps soundly.

Yet, my mind wonders, 'Why?' It questions... I'm not worthy of love, or devotion, or anything for that matter. Yeah, I try to better myself but I will never be worthy of the love and adoration of such a wonderful soul who can accept me and my scattered mind and distracted thinking.

Why do you care about another? Why do you love someone? Why do you dislike someone? Why does someone love you when you don't love yourself? Why can't we all walk naked through the streets without fear of ridicule?


A mind in motion is a mind with questions. A mind in motion questions everything. Opinions aren't questions, opinions are responses to questions posed by individuals who are seeking answers.

Question yourself and answer your questions until you are satisfied with your answer. Don't accept an answer from anyone other than yourself ... 

My answer is snoring and accepts me despite myself. 

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  1. Why? Because. Because why? Because I say so. Why do you say so? Because...

    What is because, anyway? It's not a word with real meaning. It's a conjunction leading to a reason and can be ambiguous at times, therefore leading to more 'because why?'s.

    What? Why?