Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Cut Me Mick! Cut Me!"

The 'Rocky' movies are the best. Not even Dino de Laurentis and his 'Ten Commandments' speak to the masses like a blow to the gut that Apollo Creed gives the Italian Stalllion.

I might be wrong, and I usually am, but I believe that it was during the sixth round of the epic fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed that Rocky suffered a blow to the head that drew blood. In the corner, Rocky implored his trainer, Mick, to cut his brow so that he could be bandaged and continue his fight.

"Cut me, Mick!," he implied. "Cut me!"

There was no turning back. Rocky had been beaten and pummeled to the point that he couldn't see the opponent standing before him, the very opponent wanting to send him to the canvas.

"Cut me, Mick!"

The canvas was the last thing that Rocky was concerned about seeing. Rocky wanted to see the eyes of the one who intended to put his body and soul on the canvas in defeat. Rocky didn't want to see the end of a fight, he wanted to see the beginning of his victory.

"Cut me, Mick!"

I'd like to alter the words of the Rock ...

"Cut me, Anna ..."
"Cut me, Avery ..."

I see the canvas that your blows to the head have sent me reeling toward .... and, well ....

..... your bitch-slaps to the head won't end this round in a TKO.

My gloves are off.

My mother has been in ICU for two weeks. A surgery that was meant to last 4 hours lasted 8 hours and a hospital stay of four days has become a two-week stay in ICU consisting of pneumonia, blood loss, ventilators and infection.

And, at no time, through any of this, have you, my children, my supposedly 'loving' children, made an effort to call, text or email their grandparents. No messages of love, support, encouragement ... nada.

It isn't because these bastians of society didn't know of their grandma's health. No, they did.
It wasn't because their grandparents overlooked them due to their parent's divorce ... they didn't.
It wasn't due to any lack of messaging that their family is in need of love and support at a time of need ...


These children are unfeeling, selfish, loveless bastards. Bastards bent on taking out their hatred of me for my own actions and extending that hatred of me to those who are innocent and loving towards them.

As one of my offspring said, "I have all the family I need, I don't need yours."

How does a parent react to such a statement? I'll tell you how this parent finally reacts to such a statement ...

Fuck you. You have no genes of mine. You think that you have disowned me. No, I disown you. What you have done to your grandparents, who are innocent, is inexcuseable. You will one day regret your actions and I will relish the day that you hurt due to your stupidity. Just don't contact me to ask for an ear to cry upon. My ears are closed. You are non-entities to me. Cry to your otherwise clueless relatives who have no sense of right and wrong. Idols of the world and the things material you value so much can always give you all you need. Notice, my tongue is in cheek.

Never, ever, expect me to be there for you. Your time is up and your message has been noted. No child of mine would ever be so heartless and uncaring. Where did you find your lack of soul? Nevermind... I know.. Tell your mom I said, "..." (Insert no words here)

"Body Blow"

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be so harsh ... maybe i should accept your feelings of hurt and abandonment as a result of my leaving and divorce from your mother...

"Against the ropes.... "

No, not this time. I've done that enough. This is not about me... this about those closest to me who you feel you can hurt and therefor hurt me ... a low blow.

Rocky stood up and absorbed many more blows before finally accepting defeat in the original Rocky film. Yet, Rocky didn't lose, Rocky won by not losing, despite the brutal beating he endured. Swollen eyes, bloody lips and bruised ribs didn't deter Rocky from realizing his own strengths.

My mother will survive. My family will survive. I will survive.

Cut me, Mick.

Beware my right hook.


  1. Well deserved...and then some!

  2. Oh, this makes me so sad.

  3. This is heartbreaking and triumphant at the same damn time. I don't know how you managed it but I am feeling both extreme sadness and a healthy dose of BOOYAH!! and that's the first time I can remember both simultaneously.
    I can't fathom your hurt but I do sense your strength and resolve. Keep on keeping on. There is joy ahead...barrels of it.

  4. Dear anonymous,

    Yes, yes they are. And yes, I know what you mean. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm sure you have a Cliff's Notes Bible handy somewhere.