Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day at the Market

There was this dude... Boozi...he was a badass. He was one bad mutha.

Damn, this guy would go into grocery stores and stroll through the soup aisle just looking for a fight if there was no cream of broccoli remaining on the shelf. I'm telling ya, this was a bad dude.
He wore faded jeans from Kohl's, an 'Underdog' tee from Target and really nice boots. He was the epitome of a badass.

Until this day......... This one day. It was a Tuesday.

Boozi showed up in full regalia. Aisle 9. Nuts and Crackers. It was coupon day and coincidentally, senior day. The aisle was full.

Boozi rounded the corner with his cart. Filled with taco shells and bacon, he barely noticed the motorized cart of Ira, the regular Jewish shopper in Aisle 9, there to snatch up his Matzo crackers. It was a meeting of two worlds. Two religion. It was as if the Big Bang happened twice.

But, there will be no dialog between Boozi and Ira here. You can imagine Ira, his cart, his cane, his sense of self, and Boozi.... his badass self.... and what was said.

Way to go Ira.

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