Monday, July 8, 2013

Pot, Meet Kettle.

Every single day. Single meaning one. One meaning, well, uno.

It happens. It happens to me. It happens to you. It happens to everyone that you know, most likely, whether they admit it or not.

Yes, it.

The big IT. I period. T period.

You know what I mean. I probably happened to you today like it happened to me today. The look, the comment. Worse yet, the silence.

You know what I mean. You spend hours or days or longer putting forth heartfelt blood, sweat and tears towards something that matters. Or, you simply speak your mind on a subject you're passionate about to someone you admire.

And, to your dismay, you receive no response or hit brick walls or dispassionate ears.

The Big I. T.

But, this doesn't matter. You see, the ones who can't or won't hear are the ones who don't matter. Only you and your thoughts and ideas matter. Because only your thoughts and ideas are the ones that can make a difference and change the world.

Screw the ones you think are important. They're not important. No more so than you are. Their dicks aren't any larger than yours. Their boobs don't have nipples capable of feeding more than two kids at a time....

Your craziest idea might be the one idea that could help millions of people. Or, it might make hundreds laugh. Don't hold it inside. Never let anyone tell you who you aren't.

The Big I.T.


Tell yourself who you are. Not who you aren't.

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