Friday, July 26, 2013

Life is A Laugh Riot.

I'm gonna be brutally honest. Ha! Like I haven't already done that here before. But I'm gonna do it again.

Why? Because I feel the need to do so. This is my forum. I use this as my forum to express myself. I sometimes forget that I really talk to myself here and occasionally other people might read what I write. I tend to piss people off at times when I write here. But, whatever. Yeah, that sounds juvenile to say. But, pffft.

This is my place. My closet. Look over there. That's my broom next to the select-a-size Bounty. My closet is filled with screams of joy and terror but, by god, it's my closet. So, I'm gonna do it again.

Everything is funny. Well, maybe not funny, but everything has elements of humor. There isn't a time limit. When someone dies, or if there is a tragedy, there is no set period of time before you can say "Ok, let's make a joke".

I was a little kid, maybe six years old when my uncle died by an accidental gunshot wound. He was messing around with his dad's service revolver. He and a friend playing Russian Roulette as kids not knowing that the revolver was loaded. In a moment, the kid I most revered was gone. I remember standing by his casket at the funeral home making jokes. That's how I dealt with the pain. Well, that and pulling out my hair.

But mostly by making jokes. And I've always seen humor in everything. People don't always understand that. "How can you laugh at a time like this?" "What a horrible joke in a time like this"

No. There is never a bad time for humor. Laughter is what keeps us alive. Humor is vital for survival because too much seriousness will kill us like a cancer eating at our soul. I'd equate that to something eating at our livers but that's hitting too close to home and we all have our demons. I like my demons. Mine are named Jimmy and Urethra..

This week on Facebook I lost a friend from high school, for the second time, because he has no sense of humor. He takes life seriously. I was him once. I know where he is, I understand him. But I pity him. He sacrifices himself and his own sense of worth for what he feels others value his worth to be in business. A joke on his Facebook page was enough to drop me as a friend.

The world will spin. Life will continue. Shit happens. And, I will be a smartass. Some things will never change. I feel a bit of remorse for those who can't loosen the sphincter muscle enough to chuckle and be themselves. There's a long road ahead. And there are a lot of assholes like me with wits and smartass remarks who don't give a shit to deal with.

I, for one, enjoy the repartee..... the banter. What I do not enjoy is the quick exit of the weak, humorless sheeple.

Live life. Life is a bitch, it's hard, and rough and relentless. Laugh at it. Make jokes and laugh I it's face. You'll make your way through it.

Unless you're the guy I'm talking about (Joel).


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