Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just Like Mom

The double buzz. The silent text. I had one tonight at 11:15pm. I've had 'em before but they're usually either from my bebe, Pam, or from one of my customers.

In this case, I'm no longer working for the same company so I know it isn't one of my customers. Pam is home and in the shower. So, unless she has taken her phone into the shower and needs a bar of soap or 'special service', I know it isn't her.

I glance at my phone and see that it my mom. Now, my mom never texts me after 9pm. That's usually when she falls asleep watching either the Food Network or HSN. But not tonight. Tonight, she is chatty. The conversation starts off normally... asking if I have one of the statues that I brought from the house when we packed everything before she moved into her new digs.

"Yes," I say.

She'd like to have it. I'd make a nice complement to the other statue she has. Okie doke.

Then, I asked, "Why are you awake at this hour? I thought you were asleep by 10pm every night?"

Never ask your parents this question. Only ask your children this question.

I was then asked a series of questions regarding jobs, money, life and happiness. I could elaborate on my answers, her questions and our banter, but I won't.

But, I will elaborate on this one thing that came from the discussion. My mom told me that she wished that she could work again. It would make her feel good to know she had something to contribute.

This hit me hard. Not because she needs to work but because she feels she needs to work to contribute. I've heard her say that others tell her she should be a comedienne. She makes people laugh. That is contributing. I told her that I just want to make people smile, I could care less about teamwork and money. It's about people and heart.

That is what my mother has and she doesn't even realize that she has it. I'll take texts at 3am from my mom every night if she wants to send them.

I like being a little crazy knowing that a little of that lunacy comes from her. She's the most unwitting genius I've ever known. My next job won't be a job. It'll be an adventure. Just like all the rest have been. I'll learn, I'll master and I'll move on. And hopefully, I'll make someone smile and laugh.

Just like my mom.

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