Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh, I Hope One Person In Particular Reads This, Part 1

We live in a world of uncertainties. There are no guarantees of love, life, happiness or success. There is no contract attached to the umbilical cord holding a clause giving a guarantee of acceptance. Just being born doesn't give one a fast pass to unconditional love. Yeah, we might all emerge from the thickets of our mother's forest of love slathered in mayonnaise and swinging from a fleshy vine but that doesn't mean that we all are all pork roll sandwich material.

This is the story of a girl. No ordinary girl, mind you, but a girl who was born a disappointment. A girl who was meant to be a boy. This is the story of a child, the third-born, the last in a series of ovary-bearing children in which the third was meant to be holding balls and a garden snake.

For sake of anonymity, let's dub this third-born lady, 'Billie' .... a child holding the hopes of a family lineage in her hands, or loins.

Billie forged ahead throughout childhood knowing that she'd never live up to the standards of her father's hopes and dreams of having a son to follow in his footsteps as a 'company man', a provider, a 'nose to the grindstone' man after his own heart.

Little did daddy know that 'Billie' felt the disappointment in daddy's heart and that Billie would ultimately be the ruthless son that he never had.

For years, Billie languished and toiled in the corporate environment in order to please daddy. During those years, Billie also managed to marry and produce offspring... foragers of future wealth for daddy's pride. Billie was a happy little product of daddy's disappointing approval until, one day, there was a glitch in the plan.

Billie's support system collapsed. The middle rung to Billie's corporate ladder shook loose during a particularly heavy footfall and Billie suffered a scraped kneecap on the ladder to egotistical success.


Daddy wasn't too happy. Daddy's daughter-who-was-meant-to-be-a-son failed for the first time. Not in business, no. Business success is a given for the offspring of hypocrisy.... No, this was a failure on a personal level.... a relationship. Billie had been rejected and called to the mat for being an unscrupulous matrimonial partner. Foul relational business practices are afoot and have been duly noted.

So, the middle rung departed Billie's ladder, leaving Billie to either accept a leap of faith to the next rung or place blame on the missing run for her inability to please her daddy. Guess which option dear Billie chose ...

The story doesn't end with Billie's poor choice... you see, Billie and her 'rung' had little 'step-ladders' who also inherited Billie's desire for daddy's love..... This is where the real story begins to take take a life of it's own, as Billie's story begins and ends with her sad story of desparate search for acceptance ....

To be continued....


  1. Pathetic,
    i believe your ex got tired of you riding on her coat tails. What did you bring to the table?

  2. Well hello, anonymous. I brought the fork.