Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What No One Gives

..... fill in the blank. What no one gives ......

Duh,... the answer is 'a shit'.

If you answered correctly, please step forward and collect your prize... a fabulous Led Zeppelin mirror.

I like chopped onions on my hot dog.

I enjoy watching a yellow traffic signal turn to red mere seconds before I pass under it.

There is no ketchup on my table, yet, hot sauce will suffice.

Gas prices just dropped three cents.

My daughter got married.

Hikers in Iran are on a hunger strike.

President Obama is part Irish.

Your pants feel just a teensy bit looser.

These are but examples of what no one gives ......

Or, maybe they do... or maybe you do ...

Or maybe I don't, or maybe I do ....

But, I'm just you ... except for the daughter thing ...

But, then again ...

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