Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Deposit a Dime Before Reading

Hi there. Why are you here? Are you just another glutton for punishment or do you simply enjoy reveling in my weakness in order to feel as if you are in control?

I'm writing  .. it's 2:31 in the morning but the ideas I present will speak to anyone at any hour. Ok, that sounds a bit presumptuous and egotistical ... still ...

I had a man tailgaiting me today on a two-lane road. I was driving over the speed limit yet this man, in a Toyota Camry, was snuggling up to my bumper as if he was wanting to sneak his radiator into my tailpipe. It pissed me off. So, being the asshole that I am, I pressed my brakes and mouthed 'F*ck off' as he encroached upon my bumper.

Normally, I'm a patient person. Today, not so much. What makes Camry-Man and his destination so much more important? How about the BMW that is closely guarding the Camry's bumper? Who's destination yields the most importance?

I simply wish to visit a customer's home and care for a child ... a pet. The Camry's driver is late ... possibly rushing to fulfill an obligation to an employer ... possibly to open the local biscuit joint. A noble cause .. man must eat. The BMW driver is late to an early morning meeting .. maybe a sale that will secure status within the company.

We are all alike. A sale. A career. A deadline. Breakfast. Yet, it's dog eat dog on the roadways. Your Egg McMuffin doesn't mean shit. Your big deal doesn't matter. Your early start to the day in order to finish so that you can have time for what matters to you ...  nada.

The road is a fickle bitch. The road defines you. Who you are and who you think you are is defined by your time behind the wheel.

I accept that I'm an asshole.I believe that if  Einstein and Stephen Hawking had drivers licences their IQs would drop by 100 points the moment they closed the door to the car.

My point is that the pursuit of one's own belief in what is important in life lies behind the wheel of a Lexus, or Mercedes or Ford. Maybe it's a Kia. Who gives a shit? You have shomewhere to go ... something to do. ... someone to impress so that you can take a step forward and be noticed.

Well, I notice your self-absorbed, programmed ass in my rear-view mirror. If you are reprimanded because you unlock the door three minutes after opening due to some dumbass that brakes for a dead deer on the side of the road, will you be fired?

If you don't send that all-important email that ensures the survival of the company (uh, that's a bunch of sarcasm) within thirty minutes of your arrival to the cubicle will you be called to the big man's office and chastised, belittled beyond belief?

Money. You spend  your early morning hours cursing and fretting because of money. Face it, you are a slave to money. No matter who you are, you are programmed to perform,  act, speak, breathe and exist for the purpose of  accumulation of money.

You tailgate. You cheat. You lie. You pray. You deceive yourself and your values inorder to achieve money. We all do it. We are all guilty of the pursuit and it is increasingly evident in  today's society.

Do you disagree? Then you are a hypocrite. I have nothing. Well, not any longer ... I've been there. My choices in life have taken nearly everything of material value. Yet, I feel that money would bring freedom. Maybe, with money, I could tailgate a Kia and feel as if I'm important.

Maybe, with scads of money, I could have a voice and impress others with more than my pointed, educated point of view ... Maybe, with money, I could sway my children to speak to me.

Then again, maybe, without money, I can grasp the reality of life and life's truths without bias. Really, whether God placed Adam and Eve upon this earth or the Big Bang scattered life in a universal orgasmic event to include currency, coins or bonds?

We've lost focus. The world and it's inhabitants rely on  the numbers printed on paper and metal instead of the currency imprinted on the human heart. Most would see my life as being worth a Happy Meal. I'm a small order of fries with a Big Mac mind. You are a Double-Down KFC sandwich with a nugget mentality.

Yet, we strive to attain that which wasn't created for our soul. What brand of car do you drive? What car do you strive to drive? Do you want those new jeans that might be snug, cost $100 but will make the clerk who sells them to you admire your fashion sense? How about that yard of yours? Is it evergreen during the harshest of winter months? Hey there ... do you feel feel  guilty about your the salary you bring home so you tithe a whopping $100 towards the homeless shelter during the holidays??

Money. There is a misconception that the Bible says that money is the root of all evil. That isn't true. The hanndbook for the misguided masses states that "The love of money os the root of all evil"....

Did you look at your portfolio today and smile? You might want to read your Bible. unless, of course, you don't follow that line of thinking. Then, you might want to stand in line with the rest of us to meet the operator of the galactic printing press. I personally want to ask  why my share of the green went to someone who claimed that my share was up for grabs.

Most any individual can speculate on who may be evil. Most can argue as to who is a detriment to soociety and the future. I offer my opinion ... take it for what you will. He stands roughly six inches long by 3 inches tall. His name is Bill and he lives in each of our homes and travels with us every day.

God is not an ethereal being sporting a white beard and judgement. This world's god is green and available in mmultiple denominations.

Look at yourself. Oh yeah, time to go to work..... Kohl's has a sale tomorrow.

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