Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Crap ... This isn't funny. Somebody Slap Me.

Hello? Is anyone there? .... Geez, it's quiet... am I all alone here? Where is logic? Are you there, my friend? Where is hope? Confidence? Where is sanity? Am I alone in this swelling insanity that overshadows the reality perceived by most? Why am I asking myself so many fucking questions?

Try as I may, I cannot grasp the reality around me ... the reality that is thrust upon me incessantly by the media, the pundits, the power-mongers. Those whose grasp on reality is so diametrically opposed to my own continue to amaze, enamor, magnetize the masses. Yet, within my core, within my knowledge of what is true and right ... what is in alignment with the energy and direction that flows throughout the universe ... I know that most are confused, struggling, willing to surrender their voice to the one who they feel can speak for them. Sad ... so sad that the most basic trait, the most important trait, that we all possess is surrendered. Is it any wonder that most are followers? Is it a surprise that a select few prosper and prosper handsomely at the masses expense?

We are a people in search of answers. The answers are not in the words of politicians, preachers or scientists. The answers aren't found in books or the internet. There's no Google search that will yield the answers that humanity seeks. Every single individual on this planet, past, present and future, has within himself and herself the ability to discern what is true. Why do we continue to allow the words of those with a platform to dictate who we are?

We each came into this world as a single individual, well, except for siamese twins, but that's another story ... We will all leave this world as a single individual. We will love. We will act. We will speak. But will we speak as an individual that is capable of changing the world with a vision inherited through a universal truth? Or, will we speak as a mouthpiece of another individual simply because we are too afraid, too weak or too intimidated to expound upon that universal truth?

Look into a mirror... stare into your eyes. The individual that you see will either choose to amaze or frighten you. Who do you want to be today? .. What do you have to say? Who are you? Who speaks for you? Are you hesitant to speak for yourself? If so, you are not alone but you are a small cog in the wheel of the greater problem. Stop following and become a leader. Even if you begin leading with no one beside or behind you, you will conquer the masses because most are followers.

Stand up and embrace your quirks. Grasp your ideas and emotions and be proud that they are yours. They make you who you are. Do not allow anyone to define you. It's your life. It's your universe. No one owns you... no government... no person, no land.

This has been my envangelizing moment. Don't get used to it. Normally, I'm all rants and bullshit. Be yourself and I'll embrace you. Conform and I'll correct you.

Later, fellow homo erectuses ...

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  1. Spooky. Talk about on same wave length. this is what i just wrote in a comment on facebook earlier this morning: I think a good portion of the problem is that we are now operating in a society that overwhelmingly spouts not what they think, but what they think others want to hear. No thought behind it - popular mimicry rules because its easier to stand with a group of peers backing you, than stand alone and cry foul.

    Truth... now that is a topic for a show sometime. I've lost track of the number of times I've argued the concept of truth with others. Not just debated, oh no, it is much to touchy a subject for tempers not to flair - particularly when the topic of truth and belief are touched upon. No amount of rational discussion will sway someone who is locked into a particular mindset. They are right, you are wrong. that is their ultimate truth. Logic has nothing to do with it.