Saturday, October 9, 2010

A word from the Bearded Creation-Monger

Yay, though we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we shall hold our balls tightly 'tween our thumb and forefingers ...

And although those that speaketh the gospel as writteneth by man, for man, in order to direct man's mind to believeth man's doctrine shall speweth forth opinions and self-promotional views in order to sway and wash the minds of those incapable of thinking for themselves, truth and individualism will remain available to those that turn-eth off the television and think.

And the lord sayeth, "There are charming asses and verbally astute peckernoggins that walk amongst you. Be not led to abandon your senses for idiocies scribbled upon a chalkboard or uttered before a camera. Thinketh for thyself."

"Oh yeah," sayeth the Lord, "know that if Jesus was amongst you today, he wouldn't be humble. He was a frickin' revolutionary the first time and he'd kick Holy Ass again. Thee who is conservative is to be surprised like a mutha ... I know ... He sings 'Highway to Hell' and slurps on fermented red water now just as he did the first time around. Where'd you get this idea that he's all low-key and humble? My boy is a liberal. Read that book you wrote that is supposedly inspired by me. Dumb shits".

.... But the mis-inspired masses would not heed the inner calling of their nature. They called for the judgement of those unlike themselves. The downtrodden... the homosexual ... the thief, the beggar .. these were the lesser amongst them and as such these were condemned as unworthy of the love of the one who proclaimed acceptance of all of creation.

Hence, hypocrisy flourished as spread upon the land. Smiles were abundant within the houses of the holy as hearts below the smiles slammed shut in judgement of those who would not adhere to an idea of salvation.

And throughut the land, throughout the earth, paths to salvation were invented through many faiths. Jesus, Mohammed, Yeshua, Buddha, Xenu ... all gained follwers. Yet, brethren, the coffers of the actuaries of the espousers of the faith are the beneficiaries of the converted faithful. And the converted faithful became lighter in pocket and less an individual by surrendering to the ideas of man at the promise of an eternity that is granted by a man that is no different that yourself.

Be not dismayed. There is still time to live. If thou canst read this, thou canst think. Be not a follower but feel within yourself what is right and real and true.

So let it be written, so let it be done. Amen and Holy Shit.

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