Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pick Up Line

I am a creative man composed of linear lines.If one were to sketch my countenance from  a 3-D perspective there would be at least one pencil line that trails off into nothingness. No matter what someone draws as being tangible, there is a line somewhere that tapers off into nothingness ... it is called perspective vision .. perspective drawing. Art as reality in it's purest form.

Now, lines ... many references are attributed to the single, straight line. Line of Demarcation. Drawing the line in the sand. Don't step over the line. Property lines. Laugh lines. Line of thinking ... line of thought. There are many others. Ponder...

The word 'line' has but one true meaning, no matter the context ... 'confinement'. Either you are behind the line or you are over the line.

Lines are limiting. Lines define who you are, where you go and how you are perceived. I might have crossed the line with that assumption. Or, was that an assumption or a truth? Shit, I overstepped my boundary, my line, in suggesting that you consider an idea outside of the foour walls (lines) of your own thinking.

Here is a sobering thought ... the most telling lines that any indiviidual has are the lines at the corner of the eyes that show the true nature of the individual. The humor, the personality. Yet, lines dictated by society encourage many to step outside their own lines  and  erase the lines that define them. "You're aging," they say. Ironic, at best. Tragic, at worst.

Where are your lines? Are your lines drawn in pencil? Here's the hope for you, my friends ... Life isn't a 2-D box. Your life is a perspective drawing and your lines are faded at both ends. You also have an eraser.

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