Saturday, November 6, 2010

High Dive

You don't like me. You might know me personally or you may have never met me. But you dislike me for some reason. It doesn't really matter whether it is for my sarcastic wit or my wonderful smile. Maybe, just maybe, my joie de vive appeals to you and you wish you had my ability to sneer at the world and joke about life's absurdities.

There is something about me and what I say that you find abhorrent. Yet, here you are. That's a'ight ... I often times find myself abhorrent. I live with these thoughts and views of life .. you don't.

If life is a rope, I imagine mine as being a flourescent green. And, at the end of that green rope is a Velcro strap that is securely wrapped to one ankle. The other ankle is cold, because I wear flip-flops. But, the one ankle is warm and secure and I know that Velcro is very reliable. So, if I happen to test that green rope, that Velcro will hold fast regardless of the velocity of my fall.

But wait ... I trust my own weight will snap back, no doubt. But, what of the added weight that is thrust upon me by others wishing to test my ability? Ohhhh no. My mind suddendly added a few hundred pounds. Oh shit ... is this real weight or phantom weight? Should I jump? Did I jump?

The rope snaps back. Over and over again, it snaps back. The thrill of the jump stays with me. The exhilaration of death being defied is a momentary victory. But the Velcro strap is securely fastenened to my ankle. The next bridge is in sight and the ground below is a few feet closer.

Hooks and loops. You may not like me but you're hooked. You have your own Velcro ankle strap ...

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