Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just a Thought ...

I lost it ...

Somewhere, I lost my political incorrectness. Oh. Shit. I have become tame. I do not know to what to attribute this change ... is it due to the antidepressants finally being purged from my body? Did I piss too much? Is it from my being sedentary and enjoying far too much HGTV?

I caught myself fantasizing about Chritine O'Donnell.. I was wearing my gym shorts from middle school and she was writing the Pythagoran Theorem on the chalkboard when suddenly our eyes met .. I pulled my yellow socks to my knees  and she said "The sum of the angles equals .. something".. then we ate pudding pops and had cheese sandwiches. Hey, it's a dream ... But, realistic, eh?

I joke about Christine O'Donnell because, well, what else can you do? But, I'm really worried about becoming politically correct. My left nut is bigger than my right nut. My left lobe is bigger than my right lobe. Crap ... I'm like a leaning tower of Pisa of the mind.

I worry that if I don't conform I'll be more screwed than I already am ... and although I like being screwed, I'm not enthusiastic about being screwed by surprise.

That being said ... Sarah , Christine, Sharon ... my door is open. Political correctness aside, I hope yours are open too.

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