Friday, November 19, 2010

Fandom Can Doom the Mighty

It's a fucked up world we live in. Yeah, yeah ... every generation has had someone who has exclaimed the same thought. I'm sure that at some point in our past there was a two-legged, hairy creature that looked upon his peers as they proclaimed to be supremely dominate and thought to himself, "Ugh, uh, moha ugga ugga mwah hegga dig muh fushigannah, ugga ugga Palin."

Yet, the Palins managed to thrive, survive and somehow not melt their igloos for millions of years. As a result of their ability to survive, they have managed to thrive. They can dance. They can fish for trout, or bass or whatever the hell they fish for, in front of brown bears.

But, the Palins are not my focus. The Palins are my neighbors. They are your neighbors. The Palins are media examples of what today's society holds dear. Deeper still, my point is not to diss the Palins. My point is to use the Palins as an example.

Bristol Palin can't wear Latex and dress as a dominatrix worth a damn. Yet, she fumbles her way to another week of Dancing With the Stars.

Levi Johnson is quite possibly the worst baby daddy since your truly, yet he garners magazine covers and notariety for having impregnated a potential recipient of the trophy for dancing dances that no one dances.

Bristol's dad ... well, what the fuck is his name anyway? He's a non-entity.

Bristol's mom ?

People relate to what they see. People relate to what they hear. People relate to what is told to them. As a result, people decide that Bristol can dance. People decide that Levi is scum. People associate themselves with non-dancing, illegitimate, illiterate figureheads simply because they elicit the laziness within the human spirit.

I use the Palins as an example of humanity's lack of purpose. It is easy to cast your vote for the underdog. Everyone wants the underdog to win in the end ... Hell, I'm an underdog. But when the underdog wins simply because he, or she, is different, or pretty, or  can quick-step, then who really wins?

We live in a world dictated by remote control. Face it, morning, noon or night the remote control takes us to what we believe and where we want to go. Media, whether reality TV or news networks, sporting events or shopping channels, dictate how we think and who we are. Put 'em all together and you have a hodgepodge of nothingness that encapsulates today's political climate which screams 'Palin'

Nothingness and easiness personified. All because people listen but don''t hear.

ok, ok ... this is a bit deep and political for such a simple mind as mine . But, what if... ... are you able to think for yourself? Myself, I wanted Hasselhoff to win Dancing With the Stars ... I relate to weakness.

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  1. I vote for Eric Moussambani, the 2000 olympic swimmer from Equatoria Guinea. He had only been swimming for 6 months and trained in crocodile infested waters. He clocked the slowest time on record and almost had to be rescued from the pool at the end of his swim, but he finished. And he won. So what if he won because his only 2 competitors were both disqualified for diving in too soon. I want him for president. He's a man who gets things done. And definitely an under-dog.