Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let Your Inner Alien Explode.

"Whooooo are you? Whooo Whoo, whoo whoo?"

So asketh The Who. You know the tune but have you answered the question?

I'm thinkin', you're either more than you really are or less than you really are. Expectations are a bitch, eh?

I'll go first ... I'm a failure of the utmost degree. I've never lived up to my own expectations. In my mind, I've let everyone down. I've never saved a life. My words are humorous, yet meaningless. My actions have been well-intentioned yet unnoticed and largely unneeded. I've been 'there', but no one knows.

As Sarah Palin might say, "I'm You."

You are a victim of your own expectations ... or, should I say, your perceived expectations, too. Who are you?

Hold on a second... I just noticed a nuance in my self-depracating self-description. Hmmm ... occasionally, my words are humorous. I've been told that every now and then I encourage a chuckle.

Well shit... this may very well contradict my self-impsosed badge of dishonor of being a 'total failure' . How can I fail if I create a smile, a chuckle, a laugh in another?

Well shit. I've failed again. I can't even fail without failing. What can this possibly say about mankind? Did The Who write 'Who Are You?' to warn us about the Mayan Calendar and 2012 Galactic Alignment?

I'm sure that you're in a position that allows you to breathe easily ... you're financially secure, your company requires your input in order to remain stable ... your front yard is green, winterized and secure for whatever mother nature brings ... your friends require your presence at all after-hours functions ... eh ...

Who are you? Like me, you are no one. Yet, you are everyone.

I think it's a bit humorous that we're all dumbasses that think we're smartasses. In short, we're all asses trying to put our cheeks around the greater good and meaning of life which happens to spin clockwise, unless you're in Australia. I'm speaking metaphorically of a toilet, by the way....

I'm gonna stand up and be the no one that everyone recognizes as being the nobody that proclaims his nothingness. I'll be noticed for being nobody and that recogniition will propel me to limited notariety which will accentuate my nothingness that resonates with all of those who relate to my obscurity.

Hey, give it a try ... all it takes is a voice. Unless you're mute, you have a voice. And, if you do happen to be mute then you have thoughts that emanate from your hands, eyes or grunts.

Who Are You? I wanna know ....

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