Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Line Drawn in Sharpie Marker

What do you consider sacred? Family? Values? Freedom? The right to view midget porn in a dark room while dressed in garb from the last Renassance Festival?

If it isn't one of these staples of societal normalcy then it is surely something else. C'mon, ponder on it for a second or two.

Imagine that you are standing shoulder to shoulder in a line of nameless, faceless people. A short, stout man strides with purpose to a podium and asks, "Those of you who consider _______ (insert your sacred item here) to be sacred, step forward. You will be first mocked, have your eyebrows shaved, be anally probed by a man named Cletus and then killed because you refused to say 'Thank You' afterwards."

What belief of yours would fill in the blank?

It's a deep-as-shit question, I know. But, it's one we all should ask of ourselves every day. I have my answer for the blank. Actually, I have a couple of answers I'd spout at the short man ... The simple fact that I answer at all is my first answer.

What is your answer? Think about it because your answer defines you.

That new outfit .. the latest tech toy... the botox .. they don't seem to matter as much right now, do they?

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